Finding a Great Press Release Service Is As Easy As One, Two, Three

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It was not all that long ago that if your company wanted to submit a press release, it had to do so by fax, or even more daunting, by mail. Today, you can easily submit press releases online, and having the ability to do so has opened up a world of options. You worked hard to create your press release, so what should you look for to find the best press release services?

A service that distributes to the markets you are targeting.

The common practice with a press release is to send it to as many different newswires as possible, so that you can improve your odds that it is viewed, and hopefully used. However, people are not just picking up newspapers and magazines. These days, they are also looking to online sources for their news. In fact, more than 100 million people look for products and services on search engines. Is your press release also getting sent to online news sources? The best press release service will help you to reach all of the journalists and news sources on your list, and none of the ones that you don’t. For example, an art magazine will not be likely to have any interest in your accounting software innovations.

A service that matches your budget.

The best press release service could very well be from the realm of free press release services. However, if you need more support, reach, or additional benefits, you might want to look to paid services. In a way, it depends on how much attention you want to bring to your company, its services, or its new products.

A service that helps you to improve.

When you submit press releases, typically the mindset that you will get into is that it is done, it is over with, and if it gets picked up, then great! However, there is an opportunity here to either improve the press release, or measure its results, depending on what the service offers. Obviously, your press release should cover the four or five “Ws.”

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why (optional)

After all, you are providing the news source with all of the information they need, but if no one picks up your story then how will you know what could have been improved? How will you know why one press release was wildly successful, and another hardly got any press, unless the selected service can give you some feedback and analysis?

These are just three tips to help you select the best press release service for your needs, but every company is different, and every press release service could have its own advantages. Choose one that helps you reach your target market, is within your budget, and offers the additional services you require.

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