Why Companies are Investing in Press Releases

Why are press releases important? As most people are probably aware, press releases generate interest in any product or topic they discuss. The fact that people found something important enough to post about creates a sense of importance about it. In other words, press releases generate buzz. Now that most press releases are simultaneously released online, these postings help to create more web traffic to companies as well.

Today, some companies are realizing the importance of press releases, and acting upon it. There are actually many websites that do PR distribution for companies. These sites will syndicate the press release information, and sent it to multiple other sites. People who read these updates will have the option of forwarding them if they find them interesting, or going to the company website.

There are paid for and free PR websites. The best press release site for you will depend on the type and length of press release you have, and your distribution goals. Free PR websites are often a good place to start because you have little to lose, and can monitor what impact it has on increased site traffic. Paid sites often help you reach a larger audience.

When you are writing press releases for publication on free PR websites, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Content should be professional in tone, and read like an article, not so much an advertisement. For example, there is a big difference in what a reader will see as impartial when you write, Townsend Plumbers were recently ranked Number One for plumbing in the downtown area owing to their exemplary service, and, We are excited to announce we have been named the best plumbers because of our outstanding service!

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