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When someone has an announcement of some significance and would like to get the word out to the general public, one of the best ways to go about it is to issue a press release. Companies, politicians, celebrities, and professional athletes have all sent out press releases. To help get the word out, there are free pr distribution services.

Press release or pr distribution is basically getting the information out to the media who then in turn get the information out to the public. There are many websites that offer free pr distribution online. Press release, or news release distribution services help businesses and individuals create a buzz and general public interest about their products or services.

In traditional, non electronic journalism, a press release was issued to the print newspapers, and the television and radio stations. Today, the definition of press releases includes online media as well. Free pr distribution services can help you reach internet users across search engines, blogs and websites. There is a popular saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Perhaps it might be even more accurate to say that there is no such thing as bad free publicity.

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