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When it comes to starting a new business, the odds are stacked against you. Depending upon the source, the first year failure rate for new businesses ranges from 30 percent to 90 percent. According the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, around 69 percent of new businesses survive at least two years, and 51 percent are still around at the five year mark.

While new business owners should find the above numbers far more encouraging than the mythical 90 percent failure rate, the success rate is still low. However, there are some simple, commonsense tactics that fledgling entrepreneurs can employ in order to become part of the 51 percent.

According to Inc. Magazine, two of the biggest things that cause new businesses to fail is an inability to differentiate themselves from competitors, and having inferior, or nonexistent marketing programs. When you consider the plethora of free PR distribution services that are available, any business can give itself a chance to succeed.

We all know that the media has been using press releases throughout the history of journalism to deliver important to a wide audience. Since the goal is to reach the largest audience possible, journalists will always use the most popular media outlets possible. For instance, nearly two thirds of journalists choose Google and Yahoo for news release distribution.

From a business perspective, PR distribution can be equally valuable for internet marketing purposes. Research shows that press releases garner about 275 views every week. Furthermore, new press releases normally rank high on search engines within the first two weeks of submission. The best way to achieve this is by creating timely, relevant press releases with a title that the typical web user will find compelling.

There are plenty of ways for new businesses to get their names out there, and to set their businesses apart from their competitors. But free news release distribution services just might be the best way for businesses to get results fast.

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