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You have news you need to share with the world. You have written a killer press release to share that news. The only thing left is to find the right way to distribute it.

Distribution can be a tricky thing for anyone trying to get the word out about themselves, their product, or their service. And with so many sites offering either paid or free PR release submissions, it can be a challenge to know which route to take. Here are some guidelines to follow when making your decision.

1. Does the site promise massive distribution? If it does, you might want to investigate a little deeper as to where exactly they plan on submitting your release. Some less reputable free press release services will “shotgun” the market, sending your release to any directory that will take it. And while it may seem like “more is better”, any SEO professional will tell you that overexposure can be a dangerous thing as well. The wrong amount in the wrong places can get you a black mark in the almighty search engines.

2. Does the site make it easy to add attachments, such as graphics, videos, and supplemental PDF files? Often free sites are either unable to do all of these things, or their services are extremely limited and overly restrictive. If you happen to find a free service that provides the flexibility you need to make your release look and act exactly as you want it to, then stick with that service and tell your friends.

3. Does the site target the right market? Global free PR releases are fine for some subjects (science, world news, health, et al), but if your press release is targeted at a more specific market, you might need a more specific distribution, whether geographically or within certain fields of study. If a free service cannot customize their methods to the needs of your release, move on to the next contender.

The good news about paid sites is that many of them offer free trials of their services. Some trials are understandably limited in scope and quantity, but occasionally you will find paid services that open the doors to their full complement of distribution tools for a certain time period, so you can see for yourself the benefit they offer. But whatever avenue you choose, make sure the distribution is reputable, flexible, and relevant, so you can better spread the word.

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