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New Albany Implants To Hire New Lab Technician, Establish On-site Surgical Suite

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New Albany, IN — October 6, 2013 — New Albany Implants is pleased to announce that it plans to add a new employee to the New Albany office, enabling Dr. Ronald Receveur, DDS, to have a personally trained lab technician on hand at all times. This will help to ensure that patients can enjoy higher quality results, as well as a faster overall turnaround time for lab work.

Enhanced Benefits for Everyone

By hiring a professionally trained lab technician, Dr. Ronald Receveur and New Albany Implants will increase efficiency and quality all at once. When a doctor and lab technician work side by side, they are able to discuss and agree upon what will look best in a patient’s mouth, resulting in optimum final aesthetic results.

More Options Available in Office

Hiring a personally trained lab technician is not the only thing that New Albany Implants looks forward to. The New Albany, Indiana dental office is pleased to be setting up a brand new surgical suite so that it can meet every patient need in one single location. This will not only further enhance patient care, but also make it possible for patients to receive all elements of care in one convenient location. Those who previously had to see two or more dentists for a problem can now have all of the necessary work done in one place.

“With our own surgical suite and laboratory right here on-site, we will offer unparalleled convenience, safety and service to our patients,” explains Dr. Ronald Receveur, DDS. “There are very few dental offices around the country that can offer the wide comprehensive array of services that we will be able to.”

Coming Soon

New Albany Implants expects the new surgical suite and new employee to be ready to go by November. At that time, patients will be able to enjoy an entirely new level of comfort and expediency, whether they are in need of dental implants, IV sedation dentistry, cosmetic work or routine cleaning and dental care.

If you are looking for a new dentist or would like to learn more about the services of New Albany Implants, visit online at www.NewAlbanyImplants.com



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An Interview with Dr. Heather Wilson, DMD and Dr. Paul Ranney, DMD, of The Dental Health Center

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Dr. Heather Wilson and Dr. Paul Ranney took a few moments out of their busy schedules to discuss their dental practice with us. During our conversation, we learned why they went into business together and how they keep up with the constantly evolving world of dental technology.

Let’s start with the basics. Why did you two decide to start your own business?

Dr. Paul Ranney: By having our own business, rather than working for others, Dr. Wilson and I have the ability to practice dentistry the way that we want to practice. We have the ability to create an environment where the focus of the work is comprehensive in nature, with a goal of providing patient centered care.

How would you describe your dental practice to a prospective patient?

Dr. Heather Wilson: We have a five operatory dental practice, located in West Chester, Ohio. It is a general practice dental office that offers a wide range of procedures including some endodontics, oral surgical procedures, restorative and some orthodontic services.

Can you tell us about any mistakes or unexpected obstacles that have come up along the way?

Dr. Paul Ranney: The most unexpected obstacle is one that is an ongoing one; the problem of keeping up with technology and materials as they evolve. Our office is currently all digital, and we try to stay current with new and emerging technologies in the practice of dentistry.

Do you have a business plan that you follow?

Dr. Heather Wilson: Yes. As with any business, we try to remain faithful to our plan, but also use advisors and past outcomes to revise the plan to keep the business heading in a forward and positive direction.

Have there ever been times when you have wanted to give up?

Dr. Paul Ranney: Every morning, just around 8 AM! Every day presents its own challenges. Keeping on top of small problems and resolving them is key to remaining on top of your game. If you resolve small issues one at a time, bigger problems tend to remain at bay. Part of the satisfaction of owning your own business comes from resolving these things and keeping the bigger picture on track.

Finally, do you have any employees? If so, what is your management style?

Dr. Heather Wilson: Yes, five employees. We take an approach that keeps the interest of the business at the forefront, but also takes into consideration the working styles of the employees and their interests as well.

Based out of West Chester, Ohio, The Dental Health Center was acquired by Dr. Heather Wilson, DMD and Dr. Paul Ranney, DMD in 2012. Those who are interested in the wide range of speciality services that this business provides or want to book an appointment may call 513.777.7017 or visit online at www.dentalhealthcenter.com



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